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Yeast Infection In Men And Women

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What is yeast infection: Yeast Infection is a very common occurrence in women and infrequent occurrence in men. It is characterized by thick white odorless discharge from vagina in the women.

Symptoms: Yeast infection symptoms include inflamed and sore skin around vagina, with an uncontrollable itch. The infection causes a thick white discharge from genital area.Sometimes the skin gives a burning sensation, which burning becomes intense during urination and sexual intercourse.


Yeast infection causes: Yeast infection is caused by Candia a type of fungus. Candia normally lives even in otherwise healthy bodies. Candia prefers to live in a moist and warm place which it finds in genital parts of women. It is believed that as many as 20 percent women of reproductive age are hosts to Candia yeast.

CandiaAlbican is the most common type of fungus that causes yeast infections in women and men. It commonly lives without any manifestation in these parts. They are usually kept in check by the body’s immune system. The trouble starts when body’s system gets imbalanced for whatever reason. Due to this imbalance the growth of Candia goes unchecked and the number of yeast cells increase, making the skin red and inflamed.

The reasons for the unchecked growth of the yeast could be are use of antibiotics for a prolonged period of time. Frequent sexual intercourse is also believed to be a reason for increased growth of this yeast. Sometimes irritating soaps or deodorants bring on the itchy skin infections. Hot and humid climate also increases the yeast population in the body parts. The role of diet in the yeast infection is not very clear yet, but it is found to be more common in people with diabetes. In fact frequent occurrence of yeast infection in any one person the first indication of the presence of diabetes in that person.

Yeast infection in men: Yeast infection occurs in men too but less frequently than in women. In men, yeast infection on the penis is called Balanitis.

The causes and symptoms are similar to the infections in women, but the starting point usually in men is having sexual intercourse with affected women. It occurs more in uncircumcised men. Candia fungus thrives in the folds of skin on the penis.The symptoms are same as in women. The fungus lives in the folds of penile skin, resulting in developing white spots.

Yeast infection is easy to cure. Antifungal creams available on the counter are effective. Good hygiene prevents the yeast infection.

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