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Whiplash injury – What You Need to Know?

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Whiplash injuries have turned out to be quite common these days. It is a kind of injury that is known to occur in the neck area of a person because of sudden distortion. The problem is quite painful and hard to manage making it difficult for you to move your head.  This is a form of neck strain and the term whiplash is a non medical term used denoting it.

The Whiplash injury condition arises in a person because of sudden jerk and blow that happens to the neck area. The sudden force would cause the neck muscles to tear which is highly painful in nature. It needs to be understood that neck sprains are completely different from neck strains and both of them are known to vary considerably. Neck sprains are caused as result of ligament tears whereas neck strains are caused by muscle damage.

Symptoms associated

A whiplash injury condition is known to occur with some symptoms which includes

  • pain in the neck region
  • decreased movement of neck
  • tightness that happens in the neck region
  • Not able to move your head in either direction
  • Headaches that are hard to bear

In some cases, one is able to feel the pain almost immediately whereas in some other cases, the pain starts occurring after several hours.


If you have faced an injury in the neck region and are also feeling dizzy at the same time then it is best that you get in touch with a doctor immediately as this could be a form of concussion which should be addressed as quickly as possible.

Treat it the right way

There are different types of treatments that are available for this condition and you will have to pick out those treatments that are best and useful overall. In order to heal the condition, you need to

  • apply ice pack on the neck
  • take proper pain killers and other medications that would help treat the problem
  • give a good massage and take an ultrasound to analyze the condition
  • protect yourself from taking any more stress in the area

The recovery time for this particular whiplash injury varies considerably from one person to another. It is also dependent on the kind of injury that you have faced. If the injury is serious then it would take some months together to come back to the normal mode.

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