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When You Want to stop Smoking

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There are many reasons to get healthy. The first might be obvious, better health exams, longer life and higher quality of the life that we have. Other reasons to quite smoking might not be so obvious, did you know it can effect how you do at a job interview? People hiring for positions that are worth having often discriminate against those of us who smoke. If we want to make it in this world, we need to find a healthier way.

You can’t stop people from judging you, but you can stop the habit that’s causing them to do so. Its not easy, but it can be done with one of the many products available. Never expect yourself to quite smoking over night, but with time and your ability to take advantage of the products the might help curve your addiction, you should beat this thing.

I know many of us who do smoke love it. We don’t wish to give up this activity that we love more then life itself. Its OK to enjoy smoking, you just need to find a healthier way to do it. Have you ever heard of an electronic cigarette and why you should switch to e cigs? All it is, is a little water vapor and nicotine. It does not come with all the harmful ingredients that regular cigarettes have. The best part about this product is that you will be able to enjoy your vice without the smell. No one will know that you just enjoyed an electronic cigarette.

There are other options if we are looking to give up the practice all together. Have you thought about trying the patch? This might be a better option for those of us who would like to wine ourselves off of nicotine. I know you might think nicotine gum will do the same job, but this isn’t so. We will often chew to much nicotine gum, so much that were not really whining ourselves off of nicotine at all.

If you are having trouble with fast cravings that just need to be tamed you might want to try the new tic tac product from nicorate. This product give you a low base line of nicotine without you accidentally chewing to much like the gum. The key is to only use it exactly when you are having a craving, this way it will work.

Just imagine all the money you will save once you quite. Even if you switch to electronic cigarettes it will be cheaper. You wont have to run to the mini mart nearly as often to refill your electronic cigarette, I’m sure you wont have to go even half as much as you used to when you smoked.

So please consider how much happier you’ll be once you quite. Its the best thing you can do for your future and your lungs. Why not make the decision that your family has been pushing you to make for a long time? I’m sure they love you and want you to quite.

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