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Using Anavar for Weight Loss – Dosage, Cycle and Other Details!

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Anavar is one of the few anabolic steroids that work for both genders. In fact, Anavar is a great choice for female bodybuilders, who don’t want to use some of the other potent steroids, such as Deca and Dianabol. In this post, we will talk about facts that matter for Anavar users.

The basics

Anavar stimulates the process of phosphocreatine synthesis, which makes it ideal for the cutting cycles. You will lose fat, but without losing the muscle tissues. Anavar is an affordable and popular steroid, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe for everyone. Steroids are controlled substances in most countries, including the US, mainly because of the side effects. Check the local laws related to steroid purchases before you get Anavar from any seller. Legal replacements for Anavar like Anvarol can be accessed online, as well. Please note that many steroids are produced in underground labs, and therefore, these are not always genuine. Check the seller and verify the product details before placing an order.

Dosage and cycle

The dosage and cycle recommendations for Anavar depend on many factors. Women typically start with a much smaller dose, not exceeding 20 mg per day, for a period of six weeks. Some seasoned female athletes do use higher doses, but that’s not recommended in the first place. Men, on the other hand, use a much higher dose, but the cycle remains limited to six weeks. If someone wants to use Anavar for a longer cycle, they can opt for a “two-weeks on and two-weeks off” routine, which gives enough time for the body to recover.  For men, the standard recommended dose is around 50 mg, while some can take around 100 mg per day. Do NOT use that kind of dosage if you are unsure of the effects.

Safety concerns

Anavar is a steroid, and therefore, it is never safe for nonmedical purposes. It is a cutting cycle, so you shouldn’t expect big gains with the compound. Steroids only work to a certain extent and are not meant to be a replacement for diet and exercise. You have to focus on dosage and cycle, for which you can also check additional information on bodybuilding sites. Anavar is not available in many countries, so people often get their orders online. If you are buying your supplies, check the label to find more about the ingredients and other details.

Don’t forget to research on Anavar side effects!


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