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Top 4 Weight Management Supplements that Are Good for You

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Weight management is a term that refers to something more complex than just fat loss. It is about reaching one’s optimal weigh and balancing the fat and muscle ratio. To some, it can involve fat loss, while to others it means gaining lean muscle mass. You can actually have both, as long as you choose the right supplement for you.

  1. Fat burners

These supplements usually energize the body and boost the metabolism. They act at a chemical level and influence the hormones and the neurotransmitters. An efficient fat burner is involved in the bodily process of transforming stored fat into glucose that is consequently used for energy production. It improves the rate at which the fat tissue is burnt away to produce heat and energy. Most such products tend to be based on green coffee, caffeine or green tea extract, but also on ketones that promote the breakdown of fat.

Weight Management

  1. Protein powders

These are a bodybuilder’s trusted helpers when it comes to putting on muscle mass. While protein powders help you gain more lean mass, they also decrease your body fat percentage. The principle is always the same: where muscular mass increases, fat decreases. As long as you do your best to reduce the count of carbs, you can supplement with protein powders. These are usually made from whey concentrate (with whey isolate being the best form for complete absorption) but also from vegetable sources. Be careful though – such products only work when you have a regular training schedule; otherwise, your body will gain weight in the way you don’t want it to. Do yourself a favor and purchase a clean supplement with no fillers and no harmful additives, such as the organic protein powder Australia manufacturers sell.

  1. Appetite suppressants

This is a whole different range of products, that make you feel full quicker and for longer. Their active compounds can delay the onset of hunger, so you will eat fewer calories than you normally do. In the ingredients list you will see herbal extracts or concentrate from various exotic fruits, such as garcinia, known for their slimming properties. They tend to reduce the amount of fat producing enzymes as well. Glucomannan is one of the active ingredients in such pills that were proven to work, giving a feeling of satiety much sooner that before.

  1. Testosterone supplements

This particular range of supplements, normally made of testosterone boosting ingredients, is suitable only to men. The hormone has a huge involvement in weight management, as it speeds up the fat burning processes while helping the muscular mass grow bigger and stronger. Bodybuilders rely on it for its quick and powerful effects. Women should not take this, since boosting testosterone can inhibit the female hormones production and have unwanted side effects in the department of secondary sexual features (body shape, body hair etc.).

The matter of weight management can thus be handled in several ways. It is in fact recommended to try to combine two or more different products to reach the desired result. Make sure you are always choosing supplements which are in tune with your fitness goals. Also, be careful: certain weight loss protocols will get you to burn more fat, but for a high price. These can lead to losing muscular mass too, and that is usually an unwanted effect.

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