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The Most Common Types Of Medical Marijuana Strains

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Medical marijuana is medically proven to therapeutically work in pain management.  It does vary from mainstream pain medications though as it is not a one-size-fit drug that can work well for everybody. It comes in multiple strains that have varying healing characteristics.  All the available strains differ based on the plants they are extracted from and the amount of CBD and THC the strain contains. When shopping for medical marijuana strains, these are the most common options you will find being offered by the best marijuana dispensaries. Check them out and make sure you select one that best meets your lifestyle and healthy condition.

Indica Strains

These strains are extracted from indica plants. Indica plants are popularly known for having bushy and short leaves. They are capable of withstanding even the harshest of the environmental conditions.  The strains obtained from this marijuana plant are known to have amazing sedative effects so they can be used in relieving a multiple of symptoms including but not limited to insomnia, anxiety, and panic attacks. It is also used commonly to alleviate the distress associated with chronic pain. In case you have sleep problems and you are looking for the medical marijuana that will help you relax and sleep better, Glendale Greenhouse can help you find the best choice of indica strains that matches your lifestyle and health needs.

Sativa Strains

Sativa strains are originally got from sativa plants. These marijuana trees are known for having thin and tall leaves that can only survive well in areas with climates similar to those within the equator. It is the most popular strain that has amazing therapeutic effects as it can be used to relieve common symptoms such as mood disorders, depression, and ADD.  It produces an energizing high which is good for those with fatigue. Being among the most common medical marijuana strains, Sativa strains include limonene terpenes and pinene elements that are responsible for the uplifting effect experienced by people who use it.   If looking for the best Sativa strain haze which will help you to realize the real healing effects of marijuana, you can choose between Super Silver and Sour Diesel hazes offered by Glendale Greenhouse dispensaries.

Hybrid Strains

Hybrid strains are added with equal key terpenes quantities. These strains aren’t got from any specific marijuana plant. Instead, they are the end products of mixing indica and Sativa strains in the recommended amounts. These strains are known to have wide healing effects and can be effectively used to heal a variety of complicated health issues.  The strains are often recommended for people who are suffering from common health conditions such as depression and anxiety. Medical studies have as well proven that hybrid medical marijuana strains can be used in calming chronic pain besidesincreasing your body strength to enable you efficiently handle different tasks.  There are multiple choices available today when it comes to hybrid medical marijuana strains which make choosing easier. The most common hybrid strains variations you will find being offered by reputable medical marijuana stores such as Glendale Greenhouse are Cherry Pie and Blue Dream.

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