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The Dangers of Being a Functional Addict in Peoria

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A “functioning” addict is someone who attempts to abuse drugs and alcohol and still lead a productive and pleasant lifestyle where they hold important positions at the workplace or in a home.  The term, “functioning”, is a bit tricky to begin with though, as there is nothing that is particularly functioning about being addicted to drugs and alcohol explains Drug Rehab Peoria.  In fact, being addicted to drugs and alcohol makes a person function very, very poorly.  The result is of course that they will almost always end up continuing to abuse drugs and alcohol to the point where it gets so bad that they can no longer even lay a claim to being functioning addicts.

This is the lot of life in Peoria.  Like many other Illinois cities, Peoria is also experiencing its own drug and alcohol addiction epidemic.  This is a city that never really struggled with drug and alcohol abuse prior to the turn of the century, and in fact all of Illinois didn’t have anything higher than average substance abuse problems at the very worst.


Now however, with the increases in drug abuse problems all across the nation and with the major opiate epidemic that is currently occurring in Chicago it was only a matter of time before Peoria too got stricken with its own addiction crisis.  This has happened, and many of the local residents are now trying to palm it off as negligible and continue to be functioning addicts.

This is a real slippery slope for Peoria residents say local around Drug Rehabilitation Peoria.  If the city’s addicts think they are functioning now, then they are in for a rude awakening not too far down the road.  This problem can only get worse for them, and on an order of magnitude that belies a full on addiction epidemic for Peoria too, unless the residents of the city hang it up, admit that they have a problem, and enter into inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centres, detox facilities, rehab programs, and recovery organizations.

What Functioning Addicts Really Face

The life of a functioning addict might seem pretty normal.  But this is not the case.  There are several factors occurring in their lives that are quite disturbing and upsetting.  For example:

  • They micromanage their life. They often feel as if they’re holding everything together, but juggling many things at once. Their lives are teetering on the edge of crashing down around the
  • They have not experienced devastating consequences due to their alcohol and drug use. They may have experienced some negative effects, but they were able to overcome them.  But again, they are on the verge of experiencing a major accident or problem that comes about as a result of their drug use and abuse.
  • Denial is strong in their hearts and minds. This is due to the fact that they don’t believe their using is an issue because there are no devastating consequences. This is a false concept, because it is only because those consequences haven’t come about yet, not that they don’t exist.
  • Unaware of help or the need for help. Many high-functioning addicts or alcoholics don’t know help is available for them or that anyone can recover, or they just don’t care. Even people who don’t see the darkest depths of their addiction can be helped, but they don’t realize this and thusly don’t act accordingly.  They just keep going on abusing drugs and alcohol as they please without even really thinking about it.

The life of a functioning addict is a difficult one.  Drug Rehab Centres in Peoria know it involves a lot of self-delusion and incorrect thinking and then some.  The truth of the matter is that when someone is abusing drugs and alcohol at all, in Peoria or not in Peoria, they need help and they need to get the addiction sorted out before it gets any worse.

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