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The Alexander Technique: What Is It and Who Can It Benefit?

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What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander technique is a therapeutic technique used to reconnect and teach individuals to think more consciously about how they use their bodies. A body being something we all have and as such to varying extents take for granted, often we do not fully appreciate  just how miraculous or amazing our bodies are until we injure ourselves or experience pain in one form or another. Then, the Alexander Technique can provide a noninvasivemeans of avoiding placing unnecessary stress and strain upon our bodies.

To learn more about the actual practise of the Alexander technique, there is a whole host of online and free resources, such as the Alexander Technique Website.

Alexander Technique

Who Can the Alexander Technique Benefit?

The Alexander Technique has long been used within dance, stage and acrobatics schools. It is used within both the London School of Dance and Julliard School, two of the world’s premier dance training institutions. Currently, Lauren Schiff is responsible for the teaching and implementation of the Alexander technique within the Julliard School. Hence, the technique is popular amongst dancers, athletes and persons whose bodies require being in optimum condition for their chosen careers.

It is useful to highlight the integral role the technique plays in athletics and the arts as testament to the validity of the Alexander Technique. The Alexander technique can potentially improve posture and help to manage or reduce pain caused by chronic conditions .As such, the Alexander technique is supported by the UK NHS (national health service) as a means of improving the lives of many people, including those experiencing back pain. The official STAT website further explores and explains how the Alexander technique can be accessed in some cases through the NHS. Very recently, The Telegraph Newspaper website also published an article to support the potential uses of the Alexander Technique, titled ‘Five Tricks to Combat Middle-age Decline’.

Lastly, the Alexander Technique is not simply a means of reducing physical aches and pains. Research into the technique supports the long held theory that through practising the Alexander Technique individuals can potentially reduce mental stress and alleviate mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.

Alexander Technique

How Do I Implement the Alexander Technique Within My Own Life?

For those wishing to begin a programme of Alexander Technique classes or attempt to implement the technique within their own lives, it is advisable to speak first with an expert, such as Laura Long of the Laura Long Studio. Laura is a certified Alexander technique instructor who trained under the instruction and guidance of world renowned Head of Training, Anthony Kingsley. As such, she is also a registered and recognised member of STAT (The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique). When seeking out an Alexander technique instructor it is important to always ensure they are at least a member of STAT to determine their ability and competence.

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