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Simple Changes To Boost Your Health This Year

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Haven’t managed to stick to those ambitious New Year’s resolutions? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Often, large and lofty goals are difficult to meet without quickly slipping back into well-worn patterns. When it comes to making lasting lifestyle changes, it’s the smaller, subtler adjustments that can really go the distance. If you’re still hoping to improve your health this year, try some of these simple habit shifts and work on gradually working toward a stronger body and mind.

Switch up your morning cuppa.

Many of us reach for a habitual cup of coffee as soon as the alarm goes off in the morning. While for most people coffee isn’t necessarily a bad habit, there are healthier options that could help you feel more energised and revitalised throughout the day. If you buy matcha green tea instead of your normal brew you may find that you get that much-needed energy boost without the jittery side effects or inevitable crash.

Work in a daily walk.

Pledging to hit the gym every day when you’re used to a relatively sedentary lifestyle will probably be an unrealistic goal. However, you can still improve your overall physical fitness in a more manageable way. Add a short daily walk into your usual routine and consider building up the distance and time that you spend walking as your fitness progresses. Choose a time of day that’s most convenient and practical so that the habit will be easy to stick to.

Start a meditation practice.

If you’ve never meditated before, the idea may seem a little wacky, but hear us out. Regular meditation has been proven to reduce stress levels and improve emotional wellbeing, so it’s safe to say that this simple practice could do amazing things for your mind. When you feel less stressed, your immune system will strengthen and your heart health could improve. Work in a simple daily practice using an app or guided video meditation to build the habit.

Pack healthy snacks.

If a little weight loss could help your health but a total diet overhaul feels too overwhelming right now, consider switching up your snacks to work toward healthier eating habits. Pack nutritious snacks and bring them along to work so you’ll be less tempted to grab a calorie-dense flavoured latte or chocolate bar once your energy levels dip. Nuts and fruit provide the perfect combination of natural sugar, satiating healthy fats and protein to keep you going until dinnertime.

Work on your water intake.

Staying hydrated is essential if you want to feel healthy and happy. Carry around a large water bottle so you always have something to sip on throughout the day. If the taste of plain water puts you off, you can always opt for the sparkling variety or flavour drops to liven things up. Your whole body will thank you for the extra hydration.

Watch your hand-washing routine.

Something as simple as remembering to wash your hands regularly throughout the day could transform your health. Viruses and infections are frequently spread through bacteria on surfaces that transfer to your hands, so regular washing with antibacterial soap could leave you with fewer illnesses throughout the year and an overall healthier household.

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