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Saskatoon dispensary rejects warning from police

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Saskatoon city has 13 medicinal marijuana dispensaries across Canada, which are all have received warning sign from the city of investigator and Health Canada department for doing marijuana business illegally. This letter tells and warns them that they will cease all the materials in the next days 030 days if they are going to do the marijuana business illegally without having any license to sell or to buy the marijuana products. At first, the police and the investigators have started their duty to find out which the good ones are and which the bad ones are. But after they raided the city of Saskatoon city, they have arrested the club people but soon the case was dropped with just the compensation fine of some dollars. The shop owners also stated that it provides only referencing advertisements and also the sale of medical cannabis which leads to their club to stop working so they need to stop advertising. When Hauk, the owner of Saskatoon compensation club received the warning mail, he asked its authenticity. He stated that it is carelessly written and contain no official signature. He says that the letter threats them but they won’t mind it and will continue to do their business on marijuana products. Instead, they won’t get into the idea of advertising or any participation in it. Even they are aware of the rules and regulations and being operated it in an illegal way, but they won’t care of changing anything in their business and all, he said.

Saskatoon dispensaries are being in their illegal way of conducting the marijuana products to the consumers and they said they would encourage help people who are experiencing side damages from the medicines that they are currently taking. They will advise them to explore cannabis which is safe and proven medicine to treat any cause of illness and it will cause no harm when trying this product. So when people think of cannabis they often think that it is only a smoking product which is so wrong. So they stated that there is no problem in bringing some awareness about this product to get the medical help.

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