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Quantum Stones: New Product Unlocks the Combined Healing Power of Ancient Crystal Technology and Modern Quantum Science

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For the first time, ancient healing-stone wisdom has been combined with modern quantum knowledge. Science has proven that everything in the universe is made up of vibrations, bringing validity to claims by early Biblical scholars and other researchers about protection stones that can safeguard against disharmonic vibrations. A new technology is available that can capture and magnify the power of these stones. It involves infusing harmonic codes via scalar wave frequencies into rainbow labradorite and Welo Opals.


Research has shown that these two stones have far superior energetic resonance levels to other stones and crystals that have been tested. Rainbow labradorite is a stone of synchronicity that promotes universal harmony and mind/body spirit balance. This cosmic stone exudes all hues of the color spectrum, harnessing tremendous energetic resonance. Opals are considered heavenly stones of divination and are used to promote happiness, intuition, imagination and stave off negative and emotional blockages. They have been dubbed the ‘stone of invisibility’ and seem to allow users to fade into the background and experience a ‘Yoda Effect.’ This could be why this stone produces such powerful natural vibrations.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running aimed at financing exquisite amulets crafted from these stones. Each amulet will have a “LightShield™ infusion process” performed on it, which entails using a quantum generator to permanently embed harmonic scalar wave frequencies into the pendant. The amulets will be crafted with authentic rainbow labradorite and Welo Opals of the highest quality, and adorned with 925 Sterling Silver. They are capable of bringing about a host of different benefits, including decreases in bodily dysfunction, an overall sense of well-being, increased energy levels, and an increased sense of mental balance. Is it possible that ancient wisdom and modern science have created something that can help restore us to the harmonious existences that we were originally placed upon this earth to enjoy? Only time will tell.

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