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Nouri Is The Missing Strategy In Healthy Eating

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Natasha Léger, author of the best book for travelling employees, Travel Healthy: A Road Warrior’s Guide to Eating Healthy, continues to innovate on how to help business travelers eat healthy and improve their next business trip with Nouri Pocket Guide, which is currently being financed via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Nouri is the missing strategy in healthy eating that makes it easy to make the healthy choice in the most challenging of situations. Where Travel Healthy introduced business travelers to a new and creative way of thinking about what we eat and redefining food, Nouri Pocket Guide tackles common business scenarios that can stand in the way of healthy eating intentions. It walks you through how to overcome the challenges presented by corporate travel cultures and travel expense policies.

Business travelers are at significantly higher risk of illness and disease including cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. There are 40 million business travelers in the U.S. alone. The biggest challenge for business travelers is finding healthy food and avoiding the health risks of frequent travel. $1 of unhealthy food equals $5 of healthcare costs. “Unfortunately, 95% of the food you encounter on the road is unhealthy. In addition, corporate travel expense policies, urgent, unplanned meetings, sales cultures, the meals and entertainment expectations of clients, employers, and peers, and conferences can stand in the way of healthy eating intentions. This is why eating healthy on the road seems like a hopeless battle,” said Natasha Léger.


Business travelers are often left behind by nutrition books and corporate wellness programs. They need new tools to help them deal with the unique dynamics of business travel and the built-in pressures that create recipes for unhealthy food choices. “Nouri Pocket Guide recognizes that we can train our brains to make the right decisions about food when we travel. Just by reading Travel Healthy, I have been able to make Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down decisions about food faster than an app, and even when I have no connectivity on the road or airplane. Nouri Pocket Guide is a uniquely packaged tool that will inspire and empower business travelers to eat differently while on the move,” said Paul Barrett, High-tech Consultant for Big Four Consulting Firm who travels 150,000 miles a year.

Eating is one of a number of pressures you are juggling as a business traveler. Breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings, and where you end up eating, are often part of your business negotiations. “Nouri Pocket Guide isn’t a diet book that tells you what to eat; instead it inspires you and shows you how you can incorporate healthy eating, or what I call a nouri lifestyle into your business travel lifestyle and make the best choices in a variety of situations,” said Léger.

Nouri Pocket Guide is a sleek little book, designed specifically for business travelers that you can take with you anywhere. It innovates on the book format by taking graphic design to a new level. Most importantly, it shows you how you can overcome obstacles such as travel expense policies, “wine and dine” sales and corporate cultures, emergency meetings, and travel delays that often stand in the way of healthy eating intentions.

Oftentimes people will wonder how you can stay so disciplined in unhealthy situations. The answer lies in the word we choose to use to describe what we eat and why. The word “food” absolves us of responsibility because it has nothing to do with health. Nouri on the other hand, defines what we eat for optimum health based on how it’s grown, produced, prepared, and impacts our health. “Eating healthy while traveling for business is much easier than many people think. With Nouri Pocket Guide every business traveler is now inspired to make their next business trip a healthier experience,” said Léger.

Don’t just take her word for it, though: the book has also received praise from world-renown behavioral psychologist John VanDenBerg. “Natasha Léger’s book has been very useful to me,” he says. “It’s practical and hands-on. I’m a behavioral psychologist – I know how humans change, and I don’t change just because someone tells me to. I change because I’ve got the support and motivation to do it, I change because I’ve got tips that are useful for me to use, and I change because somebody has done a really great job of giving me good information. And that’s exactly what this book does!”

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