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Mistakes Competitors Make in BJJ Tournaments

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Brazilian jiu-jitsu is now one of the most rising sports in the world because it is one of the essential ways of fighting in MMA which became well-respected in the US. Competitors that are familiar with this technique have a lot of advantage over other fighters. It requires both mental and physical strength to become really good at it.

It is not only used to become better in MMA, as an individual sport it also has some great tournaments. You have to be dedicated because the competition is large. There are many masters you can learn from like Bruno Malfacine, and if you don’t have a place near you to train you could always learn from the internet until it is time for sparing.

Not Making Weight

When you train very hard, every day and have a tactic to win every match, the worst thing that can happen is not making the weight. There is always a small gap you have to make into in order to qualify for the tournaments and it isn’t anything unusual to not make it. You will always see someone running around before the measuring weight in order to cut down some more weight.

This can put the competitor out of focus because you are moving your attention to the measuring instead of technique you will use. It matters a lot if the weigh-in is on the day of the tournament or the day before. It is most likely that it will be the day before so the fighters can prepare. The organization also knows that many of them are using all sorts of ways to cut down the weight which usually are pretty harsh for the body. Some of them can cut up to 7 kilograms in one day.

Warming up and Preparation

Even on the training, every trainer will tell you the importance of warming up properly. This is even more important when you are in a tournament. You will always give a 100% when competing, meaning that the risk of an injury is much higher than on the training. Most of the injuries also come when your stretching is bad and you push it to the maximum in the match.

If you are still not a professional, you can expect that your competition makes mistakes like these. The whole day of the tournament you have to be prepared, so when you get up there are certain steps you should follow. This includes a certain diet. You don’t want to fight on a full stomach or not having enough energy because of the things you ate.

Recovering Between Matches

Because the sport is becoming more popular, you have a lot of competitors and the overall tournaments are becoming larger. This means you will have many matches in one day, and it is hard to recover after one. After the first match, you should start focusing on the second and take a small amount of water. Coconut water is also a great option but always use small amounts. Supplements are available now, so you can take 1 pill of BCAA to recover faster. Next thing is to focus on your breathing and try to relax as much as you can.

Making Changes

Preparation of the tournament actually starts when you find out there is one. When you make a plan you should stick to it until the end. If your body is used to eat something and you change that because you heard it is better for preparation, you are risking too much. It takes time for your body to adapt to changes, so stick to one routine until the end of the tournament.

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