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Why Maple Syrup Is Better Than Honey And Healthy Sweetener

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There are numerous of things that can attach sweetness to your favorite food.  Apart from that, one of the well-known sweeteners is the maple syrup. In fact, it is a kind of natural sweetener that is got from the sap of maple trees as well as has lots of richness of the mineral and nutrients instead of fructose which is harmful for consumption. Maple syrup is mainly used in various meals as well as it is utilized in order to include exotic taste to dishes. The maple syrup can also be sued in the pancake, fruits, sausage, pancakes, ice creams, pudding, fritters and some other additional items.   . When the production of maple syrup is restricted to the Canada, then you can also order through the efficient method wholesale maple syrup over online in the trustworthy sites directly. The maple syrup is also recognized as the natural golden syrup in Canada as well as some other neighboring countries because of its richness and colors of nutrients.


 Reason to use Maple syrup instead of honey

 It is whispered that there are numerous of comparison function are there between honey and maple syrup, however, they differ hugely in nutritional value.  They are also differing in terms of carbohydrates, calories, vitamins as well as minerals. In terms of calories, maple syrup consists of 52 calories per tablespoon when honey includes 64 calories per spoon. As the two are compared on the count up of carbohydrates, it is discovered maple syrup has 13.5grams of carbohydrates per a tablespoon as well as out of these 12.4 grams is simply the sugar.  Whereas in honey 17.4 grams a carbohydrate is consist of each tablespoon out of which 17.3 grams of the sugar.  The antioxidant contented of the maple syrup & honey are about similar as the minerals & vitamin content of maple syrup is some bit higher than the honey.

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