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Is It Legal to Trade Dietary Supplements In UK?

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These days, due to busy schedules and less time for workouts, dietary supplements are gaining popularity all over the world. Be it US, UK or Australia, athletes and bodybuilders everywhere are using steroids to gain muscular mass and reduce body-fat. This guide will brief you some more details about the steroids.

Steroids and UK Laws

Various countries across the world have different laws with respect to steroids use. In some countries, you can take dietary supplements without any prescription while others, a valid prescription is required.

Therefore, it’s important to be aware of the laws relating to steroid use in your country so that you don’t fall in any legal hassle. In some countries, personal use of steroids is legal and permitted while trade or shipping is not allowed.

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Are Steroids Legal In UK?

While searching for information relating to steroids and their legality in UK, it’s important to access websites having updated information such as Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD).

These websites offer valuable information related to legality of steroids. Apart from this, you can also access information related to sale, purchase and use of anabolic steroids on these websites. However, while accessing information make sure that you’re aware of the changes in the laws.

Sometimes changes in laws is not mentioned on the source website, therefore you can refer to other websites for updated information.

Steroids and Classification

Anabolic drugs are classified under Schedule III drugs. Drugs classified under Schedule III category should be used carefully. The classification is made on the basis that Schedule III drugs have chances of being overused and misused. It is important that while buying steroids, you are confident about the source from which you are making purchase.

This is important because some dishonest retailers import steroids from outside the UK and sell to residents. However, the quality of such steroids can’t be guaranteed on the grounds that source of supply is may not be genuine.

In this regard, steps have been taken by the UK authorities to ensure that sale and purchase of steroids is regulated. To ensure the same, regulatory authorities keep a close eye on foreign sources from where steroids are imported. This is particularly true in case of Schedule III drugs, which are prone to being misused.

In case, a person is found holding more than permissible quantity of drugs, there are chances of facing legal complications including penalties and imprisonment.


Hope this guide will give you required details about legality of steroids in UK.

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