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How to get rid of stretch marks

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Developing stretch marks is a natural part of life. Stretch marks happen to women at different stages throughout their lives. However, it is very common to develop stretch marks throughout pregnancy. These stretch marks can cause some frustration and can have an impact on self-esteem, especially as we approach the summer months. It may be tempting to begin looking for solutions and investigating ways to get rid of stretch marks for good. After a quick internet search, there are literally thousands of different creams and products that claim they can help to get rid of these pesky marks. However, secret saviours have developed a unique product that is scientifically proven to significantly reduce stretch marks.

Secret saviours (https://secretsaviours.com/)   has worked alongside a leading vascular surgeon to analyse ways to prevent stretch marks from forming. The products that they would recommend include an Anti-Stretch Mark band in combination with a Day Gel and Night Cream. The Anti-Stretch mark band helps to spread the stresses and strains on the skin which effectively prevents the development of stretch marks. Meanwhile, the Day Gel and Night cream are to be used in addition to the band in order to keep the skin soft, smooth and minimalize and skin damage.

Even though there are many different products on the market, it’s important to note that creams and lotions, when used individually, have not been scientifically proven to make a real impact on preventing stretch marks. However, according to the American Association of Dermatology, Secret Saviours has helped to keep 70% of women completely free from stretch marks and an additional 20% of women have managed to reduce the number and severity of their stretch marks. The products recommended by Secret Saviours have the additional benefit of thorough research, investigation and extra attention paid to the outcomes of their products. They have uncovered the main reasons for the development of stretch marks and have sought to create an innovative product to overcome these challenges.

The most wonderful part about these products is that they seek to prevent the issue before it has even happened. Secret Saviours Professor of tissue engineering suggest that the stretch marks are caused by strains that occur in a particular spot in the dermis. As tiny tears occur beneath the surface of the skin, stretch marks appear. By applying a small amount of pressure to the skin, the stress points become equalised which helps to prevent stretch marks from taking place. Of course, using moisturisers will help you to develop softer and smoother skin, but nothing will help quite as much as Secret Saviours Anti-Stretch Mark band.


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