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How to Eat Cleaner and Lose Weight

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Keeping your calories under control is a good way to lose weight, but losing weight or preserving your actual weight is not the only thing you need to watch out for. Proper nutrition is much more important for your health, so clean eating is a priority. As you will eat cleaner and your body will receive the proper nutrients, you will also be able to lose weight. Here is how to do it.

Go all natural

The first step towards clean living is switching the processed foods, or most of them, with natural, local foods. Being local means the foods are fresh, packed with vitamins and minerals. This makes them more nutritious and provides your body with the necessary substances to function at the best rates. This is why eating fresh foods makes it easier for you to lose weight, compared to when you are eating processed foods.Image result for How to Eat Clean and Lose Weight

Train your cravings

Most people crave junk food, which is rich in added sugars and salt. If you want to be healthier and lose weight naturally, supported by Europa Pharmacy supplements, train your cravings. When you need a snack, just eat a fruit, instead of a bagel. The sugars found in fruits are natural and healthy, while the ones in the baked snacks we find in the streets are not. Even the fruity yoghurts you can find in the market have added sugars, so aim for fresh and simple snacks.

Keep salt intake to the lowest

As your taste for sugar is going to change as you eat more natural products, your taste buds are also going to re-think their perspective upon salt. When you are on a clean eating plan you are going to eat low-sodium products naturally, as cereals, fruits or cottage cheese are not high in salt. But, you still need to make sure you are not eating over-salted foods, because you want to keep bloating at bay.

Adjust your drinking habits

Alcohol is rich in sugar and calories, so you want to keep it at a minimum when you are on a clean eating plan. When you do fancy a drink, try to stick to natural cocktails, as much as possible. Use fresh juice from oranges, berries and other fruits, mixing it with ginger, for example.

Apart from alcohol, we binge on coffee! Clean eating is not quite compatible with caffeine intake, but the real issue with coffee is the sugars we add to it. Adding sugar to coffee activates the caffeine, which alters your mood and your energy level. If you can, switch coffee for green tea or other healthy type of tea.

Read the labels

While clean eating is focused on natural, fresh and raw products, the reality is fresh products are not available at all times. When you can’t find anything natural, make sure you read the labels. Aim for foods that contain a low number of calories, saturated fat, sodium, as well as any ingredients you can’t even pronounce. The latter should include most additives and other components that count as toxic for your body.


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