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How do we benefit from exercises when we’re suffering from severe back pain?

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The pain felt in the upper or lower back is known as back pain. Causes of back pain can be innumerable. Some of them include conditions affecting the bony spine, disc between the vertebrae, spinal inflammation, internal organs of the pelvis, chest, abdomen, spinal cord and nerves.


An ache anywhere in the back or right from the back to the buttocks or legs are the common symptoms of back pain. At times it also affects other parts of the body depending upon the nerves affected.

Usually, the pain goes away but if it occurs with any of the symptoms mentioned below one must visit the doctor immediately

  •    Inflammation of the back
  •    Fever
  •    Urinary Incontinence
  •    Weight loss
  •    Pain down the legs
  •    Difficulty urinating
  •    A recent injury
  •    Numbness around the genitals, anus or buttocks


The kind of back pain is usually differentiated with the portions it affects. The three typical classifications of back pain are

  •    Axial Pain

Axial pain is usually associated with a muscle strain on the back which is very common in case of this kind of pain. The pain could be dull or sharp. It is also known as mechanical pain. It can be constant, or it may even just come and go.

  •    Referred Pain

It is often said to be dull and achy. The pain also varies in intensity from time to time. The pain also tends to move around. It can cause degenerative disc disease.

  •    Radicular Pain

It is caused by conditions like herniated disc, spinal stenosis or spondylolisthesis. It is generally said to be a blistering pain. It can also be supposed to be the extreme form of radical pain. Here, it follows the path of the nerve into the arm or leg and can also cause numbness.

This sort of pain is caused by compression or inflammation. It can also be caused due to an injury in the spinal cord.

Even if the pain cannot be classified in any of these types and there cannot be any anatomical proof found the pain is still real. There are some cases where there are no anatomical proofs of the pain. It usually happens when a person is suffering through depression or sleeplessness.


The human back is very complicated. It is a complex structure of muscles, tendons, discs, ligaments and bones. These work together to make our body function efficiently.

The spines are so delicate that it is provided with cartilage-like pads known as discs. These discs keep the spines cushioned.

The problems in any of these components can lead to back pain. Some common causes of back pain are-

  •    Strain

It is usually caused due to stress, tension or injury. Constant causes of back pain are

  • Strained muscles or ligaments.
  • A muscle tension
  • Damaged discs
  • Muscle spasm
  • Injuries and fractures

  •    Structural Problems

There are many structural problems which can also lead to back pain. Some of them are

  1.    Bulging discs

Bulging discs can pressurise on the nerves which are caused the discs of the spines are damaged.

  1.    Ruptured discs

The rupture of the discs causes ruptures which in turn pressurises the nerves even more.

  1.    Arthritis

Osteoarthritis causes problems in the hips, joints, lower back and other places.

  1.    Osteoporosis

It generally happens in case of calcium deficiency. It is common in women. It makes the spinal cord porous and brittle which causes compression fractures.

  1.    Kidney problems

Back pains can also be caused due to kidney infections and kidney stones.

  •    Movement and postural problems

  • Coughing and sneezing
  • Twisting
  • Overstretching
  • Bending awkwardly
  • Maintaining the same posture for hours (sitting or standing)
  • Driving for a long time without any break

  •   Other causes

  • Cauda equina syndrome
  • Cancer of the spine
  • Infection of the spine
  • Other disorders
  • Sleep disorders
  • Shingles

Role of exercises in curing severe back pain

Exercises are one of the most simple and effective ways to cure back pain. Experts recommend it as it gives satisfactory results and is also easy. Not all exercises are suitable for curing back pain. You can consult a health expert if you need further help and use promos to get discounts. Some of the exercises which are useful for back pain are

  •    Partial crunch

Partial crunch is one of those exercises which strengthens our core, stomach and also our back. It is suggested to people who are suffering from back pain. One must follow proper steps and not stretch the back too much.

  •    Hamstring stretches

Hamstring stretches relieve the back of the legs. This is the place where some of the muscles of our back are found. This exercise is beneficial specifically for the lower back areas. One must do this two to four times every day to get rid of lower back pain altogether.

  •    Bird Dog

This exercise comforts the back region. This is a very simple exercise where a person needs to sit on his knees and keep his hands on the floor. Then he must raise his alternative hand and leg and hold the position for at least 5 seconds.

Other common exercises to relieve back pain are knee to chest workout, pelvic titles, aerobic workouts and so on.

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