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Finding out what Anavar is capable of doing to Men

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There are some people who think that steroids are all dangerous and harmful to your body. What they don’t know is that it only becomes harmful once abused. Not all steroids are dangerous and unsafe, it’s just that there are some people who don’t know how to take the right dosages and would tend to take more than what they need which would then result with them experiencing the different side effects. you should know though that there is one anabolic steroid which has been deemed safe by a lot of people and is being used even by women. This steroid is called Anavar.

Anavar or “Lady Steroid” has been is a well-known drug that is usually used by a lot of bodybuilders and athletes if they are looking for gains that are not that bulky, just enough to make them look strong and fit. This is another reason why women would turn to this steroid, especially those who are looking to have even just a small amount of muscle mass which they could work out on. It is also used during cutting cycles because it effectively cuts down fat and gives your muscles that leaner, fit, and well-defined look. But there are some things that you need to know more about first to understand how Anavar works.

Will taking Anavar affect a person’s libido?

Anavar is an anabolic steroid that has some difficult interactions with testosterone which only means that it can really affect a person’s sex drive. Even if it is mostly safe by most standards, it still has its own share of side effects that could or could not affect you, depending on your situation. This gives a lot of men the reason to take Anavar together with testosterone to solve this problem which is a good thing too.

How to combat the side effects

A lot of users have been experiencing a change in their libido after taking a dose of 40 mg and up. Women are not really affected by this, only the men. So if you are one of these men, what you can do during the recovery time for your sex drive is by taking some medicines like Proviron which helps with the suppression effects. it also has the ability to give your muscle that hard look, and the recommended dosage is 25 mg after 14 days of using Anavar. Another has been mentioned above which is by stacking testosterone and this has been proved to be very helpful.

Safety tips when using Anavar

If you are thinking about the side effects of Anavar, don’t worry about it because it doesn’t cause any virilization and aromatization effects on both men and women. But you should also know that Anavar is very effective once used in the last part of the cutting cycle because it really helps get you ready before your competitions and it helps a lot when it comes to cutting down fat and giving your muscles that toned look.

Anavar, all in all, is one of the mildest steroids that you can use to help you gain an OK amount of muscles. This is perfect for women that are looking to get that toned and perfect look which also gives them the appearance of being strong. Men are also known to use this, but they need to remember that it can affect their libido and they can fight these side effects off by taking some testosterone.


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