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Essentials Required When Going Cycling

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Cycling is gaining popularity across all age groups. Cycling, as such, is not a novel concept. In fact, in several places, it is the most convenient mode of transport or in some cases sometimes the only mode of getting around. As kids, each one has enjoyed owning and riding a bicycle around the neighborhood or into town. However, for many, that is the last when they rode a bike, as kids. Upon growing up with the fast paced life, many switched to fast paced vehicles as well, such as cars and motorbikes.


But, cycling has never really faded from the scene. Nowadays, many are switching to it as an environmentally-friendly mode of getting around which is pocket friendly as well. Also, cycles are the best form of exercising too. Cycling as an adventure sport and endurance activity is climbing the charts of popularity.

To join this action packed, invigorating trend, you require a few essential items. The most obvious of course is a bike that is equipped to handle different terrains and is easy to maneuver. Apart from a sturdy bike you will require a few other items to be prepared for a cycling adventure.

Essential items required for cycling

  • Cycling gear

Right kinds of clothes are important for a cycling experience to be comfortable. While embarking on a cycling expedition, normal leisure wear is not recommended. Instead opt for shorts or tights that are padded, and pair it with a cycling jersey. There might not be many sports gear and wear shops around your neighbourhood to choose and purchase a jersey from. But there is a wide variety of cycling jerseys online to choose from, both for men and women. A jersey is the best choice, but a t-shirt designed specifically for the sport can also be chosen. Gloves and helmet are also equally important for an adventure trip.

  • Core gear

Along with clothing, a biking trip requires certain core essentials. These include a first aid kit with supplies from MFASCO Health & Safety Co. Apart from the normal kit items there must also be a card containing all your medical information and contact information for emergencies. Other core items include water or a hydration pack, energy food or some snacks, sunglasses for protection of the eyes and lastly, sunscreen.

  • Items for repair of cycle

Another core set of items is repair gear needed in case of breakdown or in dire situations. These include spare tyre tubes, a pump, wrench or multi tool for the cycle and tire levers.

  • Items for convenience

The above items are vital to be carried along for a cycling expedition or fitness adventure trip. However, apart from these essentials, there are a few things that are for convenience and that can make the ride more comfortable for you and also help you reach the destination easily. These include a map or GPS device if you are unfamiliar with the destination or in case you get lost, a watch or maybe a cycling computer, a cell phone required for emergency situations (which can also double up as a camera to capture scenic spots), cash (again for emergency situations), a patch kit, a lock for the cycle and finally a satchel or bag where you can keep all these items. A satchel that can fit under the seat should be the first choice.

With these essentials packed, you are ready to go and enjoy a thrilling cycling trip.


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