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Defy Age with Latest Skin Treatments beyond Botox

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Australians are very much particular about their looks and overall personality. They demand for better options to treat their skin. Keeping their demand in view, various new technologies have been introduced in the market where non-invasive procedures are being used. Many of these treatments use energy and laser treatments, especially with the intention of defying age. In these kinds of treatment radio-frequency waves, ultrasound, or micro-currents are being applied in order to facelift and firm the skin.3

Treating Skin with Laser Technology

For men and women laser technology has gained much popularity. And this is much more popular among men and women of 30s to 50s who want to look years younger than their actual age. A laser skin clinic Adelaide can help customers avail different types of laser treatments at a competitive cost.

4 Latest Services Expected From a Modern Cosmetic Clinic in Adelaide

  1. Medical Microdermabrasion

With this treatment one can get youthful, healthy skin by means of deep hydration and exfoliation. In this approach, enlarged pores of skin, uneven skin tone and its texture are being improved, making one look much younger than their actual age. The more sessions you cover, the more refined your skin will be.

Benefits of Medical Microdermabrasion

  • Soft skin
  • Even skin tone and colour
  • Fewer outbreaks
  • Younger looks
  • Improved skin pores and many more


  1. Non-Surgical Facelift

By its name one can understand that this treatment needs no kind of surgery or injections to get a youthful and radiant face.  In this treatment, muscles and skin are put to work for repairing connective tissues. It promotes the production of elastin and collagen for smoother, younger and firmer skin contours in face and neck, thereby offering a younger, wrinkle-free skin. Non-Surgical Facelift can be done independently or in combination with Sonophoresis, Microdermabrasion and Laser for attaining the 3D facial stimulation.


  1. Sonophoresis

This treatment is done using sound wave resonance of approximately 20,000/ sec (20 kHz). But this is not similar to medical ultrasound technology in any way, as it uses higher cycles of 1-2 MHz, which is not suitable for dermal delivery. Active ingredients are being delivered into the skin by opening small spaces between the skin cells through Sonophoresis. It results in tighter, radiant and glowing skin with a considerable decrease in the visibility of fine lines.

  1. Medical Skin Peels

If one is looking for deep rejuvenation of skin treatment, skin peels is the right option for them. In this treatment the peels work on dull and uneven skin tone, fine lines, acne, damage from sun, hyper pigmented skin and other sorts of skin problems. Skin peels, no doubt, is becoming one of the popular treatments for anti-aging. There are various types of skin peels available and you can choose any one of them depending on the condition and problems your skin has. Some of them are: Mandelic Acid Peel, A zyme Peel, Vitapeel and Lactic Acid Peel.

Maintaining good looks have become a necessity nowadays. Many a things depend on it. Besides this, with the increasing skin problems and pollution, it gets difficult to maintain the health and hygiene of the skin that make it look dull and wrinkled. Therefore, anti-aging treatments are the best you have for maintaining your skin glow.


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