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Is CA Responding to the Ever Growing Opiate Problem

Across the nation, doctors have been over prescribing powerful pain medications at alarming rates. Often, patients become addicted to these substances due to grossly unnecessary prescribing practices. In fact, 44 Americans die every day from a prescription medication overdose. Sadly, in many instances, these pills can get into the wrong ...

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5 HTP Powder And Its Recommended Dosages

HTP Powder

5 HTP is an efficient natural mood enhancer and promotes a healthier mental level. It helps brain to work properly and supplements with the necessary neurochemicals that keeps the brain out of stress and depression. 5 HTP is an ancient African remedy used since a long time. It was traditionally ...

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Smoking Ban In Cars

Passive Smoking In Car

A new law was recently passed that put a ban on smoking cigarettes and cigar in most public areas, including cars with children in it, in England and wales, effective from October 1st. The purpose behind this act was to relieve the children of the dangers and risks of passive ...

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Whiplash injury – What You Need to Know?


Whiplash injuries have turned out to be quite common these days. It is a kind of injury that is known to occur in the neck area of a person because of sudden distortion. The problem is quite painful and hard to manage making it difficult for you to move your ...

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The How To Improve Your Health Telomeres

Telomeres are small bits of genetic material situated in the tip from the chromosomes within our body. These small pieces do assist in keeping our DNA system functioning effectively. The badly functioning telomeres make it a little harder for your system cells to resume themselves rapidly. Heart related problems may ...

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Beard Dandruff and Dry Skin under beard

Where a clean shave remained the boyish classic for several years, the trend has started to move towards more manly and aggressive bearded elegance. Men today prefer a beard, both to form a statement and class. However, contrary to the general belief that beards grow naturally without much effort and ...

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Hot Tubs; A Way To Improve Your Health

Being in good health is one of the most important things you could wish for. After all, without your health other things in life are worthless. You could have all the money you need but really what’s the point if you can’t enjoy it. It therefore makes perfect sense to ...

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Top 3 Warning Signs of Low Testosterone in the Body

Testosterone is a hormone produced in the testicles of a male body which is responsible for sperm production and the sex drive of the man. Additionally, it also stimulates building of bones and muscles, fat distribution and even red blood cell production. Thus a low or gradual declining level of ...

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How Companies May Lead the best way to the Healthy Way of living

If this involves high bloodstream pressure, unhealthy diets and loss of focus, Nigeria has got the rather dubious recognition to be a global leader. Based on a current report through the Global Coronary Disease Atlas, South Africans are eating unhealthy processed meals and working out less, growing their chance of ...

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The Very Best Abs Routine Exercise Workout

If you want to ‘Chisel Out’ your abs this will let you ‘Six Pack’, the ‘Underwear Model’ might be jealous of. You Will Need THIS Abs routine. It will not work alone but, put in a decent diet regime plus an existing workout will blow everybody elses advice in the ...

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