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The Ayahuasca Healing Tradition: Could it be Set to Revolutionize the World of Modern Medicine?

Ayahuasca ceremonies form the foundation of an ancient medical tradition, one that is still currently employed and developed in the Amazon region, especially Peru. ‘Ayahuasca’ is the most common name for a medicinal plant beverage used by indigenous tribes. Although the botanical, chemical, and pharmacological aspects of the plant have ...

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Why Weightlifting Won’t Make You Bulky

It’s a pretty common concern, heard by trainers around the world when they start working with female clients. “I don’t really want to lift heavy. I don’t want to get bulky. Can’t I just do abs? Here’s the thing, weightlifting won’t make women bulky – especially if you’re doing it ...

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What to Hold in Mind before Using Forskolin?

Weight Loss Supplement

Forskolin is the name given to a compound extricated from the Indian Coleus plant also known as coleus forskohlii found in regions is miracle herb has changed into a well-known substitute for ephedra-based weight control plans and medications. The herbal qualities of the compound have rendered the compound more secure ...

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Techniques To Release Dental Anxiety

Large population in the country is affected because of dental anxiety. When it is about drilling of tooth, 30 percent of the people are very anxious and over that percentage, have the fear of injections. It is said to be a phobia and here our concern is with the same ...

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Cure Blemished Skin with Intake of Proper Medicine

It is important to note that skin health is important and must be maintained. After a certain age the skin starts drooping and patches start developing. Few individuals especially females suffer from problems like acne, blemished skin and many more. To rescue yourself from such situation you must visit a ...

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Nutrition and Supplements – The Best Approach to Burn Excess Body Fat More Effectively

There are many supplements and nutritious food items are available for you, which can aid in reducing body fat. Some of them are within your reach. Here is how you can lose weight more effectively. Avoid Consumption Of Refined Foods It is suggested that you reduce the consumption of the ...

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Is CA Responding to the Ever Growing Opiate Problem

Across the nation, doctors have been over prescribing powerful pain medications at alarming rates. Often, patients become addicted to these substances due to grossly unnecessary prescribing practices. In fact, 44 Americans die every day from a prescription medication overdose. Sadly, in many instances, these pills can get into the wrong ...

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Smoking Ban In Cars

Passive Smoking In Car

A new law was recently passed that put a ban on smoking cigarettes and cigar in most public areas, including cars with children in it, in England and wales, effective from October 1st. The purpose behind this act was to relieve the children of the dangers and risks of passive ...

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Whiplash injury – What You Need to Know?


Whiplash injuries have turned out to be quite common these days. It is a kind of injury that is known to occur in the neck area of a person because of sudden distortion. The problem is quite painful and hard to manage making it difficult for you to move your ...

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Why Home Healthcare Is the best for Your Seniors Family Members

Whether an seniors family member requires medical minute coupon injuries or perhaps a persisting medical problem, chances are that you have considered either placing the one you love inside a facility or choosing for any home-based service. Many factors-for example cost, location, and degree of care needed-play important roles within ...

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