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Exercise is a Must if We Want to Be Healthy

More and more people are becoming fitness-oriented these days, in part because as a society we are placing more and more emphasis on getting healthy. Eating the right foods, eliminating caffeine and alcohol from our diets, exercising, and reducing the stress in our lives are all parts of the equation, ...

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Pilates vs. Yoga Exercises: What are the Differences and Similarities?

For some people, the fitness buzzwords yoga and Pilates are pretty much synonymous. Those who know better however can attest that while they can be complimentary, both disciplines are entirely different. When comparing Pilates vs yoga, one will realize how different one is from the other. While both are classified ...

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Benefits of Karate

A number of research papers reveals that when someone is involved in a confrontation, his body undergoes a Psycho Chemical Stress Response or a PCSR. In these instances, human’s ability to be logical usually diminishes. Under PCSR condition, an individual’s brain accesses the “Primal Brain.” This controls the instinctive behaviour. ...

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Hugh Jackman and Steroids – How Much Of It Is True

When you hear the name Hugh Jackman, the first thing that comes to your mind are the films that have made him quite famous as Wolverine. This Australian actor born in 1968, made his debut in the movie X-Men. As you follow his physique in each movie, you might notice ...

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Reach Your Fitness Goals

Sometimes the biggest problem regarding going to the gym is the membership that lets you visit the gym. Sound like a conundrum? Well, so does the average membership contract. With strict rules, regulations, and conditions, gym memberships contain tricky legalese that can end up costing you more money than you ...

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The Very Best Abs Routine Exercise Workout

If you want to ‘Chisel Out’ your abs this will let you ‘Six Pack’, the ‘Underwear Model’ might be jealous of. You Will Need THIS Abs routine. It will not work alone but, put in a decent diet regime plus an existing workout will blow everybody elses advice in the ...

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