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Best Mommy Make Over Information

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Best Mommy Make Over Information

My name is Emily, and I’m the mother of two beautiful, wonderful children. My son was born in 2005 and my sweet daughter joined the family in 20012. Like a lot of moms, I struggled with my weight and appearance after having children. While I had some pretty good luck using diet and exercise, I was unable to get my figure back. I breast-fed both of my children, and we all know what that does to our bodies.

I gained nearly 70 pounds when I was pregnant with my son. With my daughter, I didn’t indulge quite as much, having learned the hard way that baby weight isn’t easily shed. After both children, I was able to lose most of the weight, but my tummy and my breasts were never the same.

Best Mommy Make Over Information

So… I decided to get a mommy makeover (tummy tuck and breast surgery). The crazy part wasn’t that I decided to have plastic surgery. A lot of women do that. The crazy part was deciding to blog every step of the journey. You see, when I started doing my research, I found plenty of generic information about the surgeries, but what I couldn’t find was a first hand account of the experience that covered both the medical details of the mommy makeover while also covering the emotional and social aspects. I found that talking to a girlfriend who had had the surgery was my best resource, but I only had one friend who had gone through the same surgery I was considering. Also, I thought, “What about those ladies who don’t have a friend who’s been through this?” So I made my decision. I would document my experience on the web for the whole wide world to see – start to finish – including pictures of my flabby body in a bathing suit! OMG did I really do that?!

Not only did my friends and family better understand what I was going through and support me through my plastic surgery, strangers from all over the world wrote me – often thanking me for my bravery and my candidness. They called me an inspiration and a role model. I’m not sure about that, but I am sure there is a need for this kind of info since even after a year of not blogging, the site was getting hundreds of visits ever single day.

If you’ve come to this site looking for information about the mommy makeover, I encourage you to do your research and find the best surgeons in your area.

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