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Best and Most Effective Methods of Pregnancy Prevention

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This year, Worldometers reports the population of the world to be 7.5 billion and counting. The site further presents more than 150,000 births per day and a total of almost 100,000 population growth. According to Conserve Energy Future, overpopulation of the world is mainly caused by the people’s ignorance to family planning.  A large number of illiterate people who survive below the destitution line have little or no awareness on family planning. These people’s tendency to get their children marry at a young age further adds to the problem. However, pregnancy can still be prevented through the best and most effective birth control methods which are featured in this article.


  1. Birth Control Pills

Pregnancy prevention pill is a medicine containing hormones that stop the meeting of the egg and sperm cells. If taken on time and regularly, this pill has a 91% effectivity. This method is one of the most used since it is accessible and affordable. Birth control pills online without prescription are also available for the customer’s convenience. Taking pills has benefits such as acne reduction, relief from menstrual cramps, and regularization of periods. For breastfeeding women, progestin-only pills are recommended since milk production would not be affected.

  1. Condoms

Besides preventing pregnancy, condoms also hinder infections and diseases. These stretchy inexpensive pouches offer protection from HIV and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) by preventing skin-to-skin contact. With 82% effectivity, Dr.  Sara Newmann suggests the use of another birth control alongside condoms.

  1.  Birth Control Ring and Patch

Both the patch and the ring are hormonal ways of contraception containing progenstin and estrogen similar to the pill. However, both do not require a pill every day. The patch is a simple and affordable plastic piece that sticks to the buttock, stomach, or arm. This is usually replaced every week and may allow skipping of the menstrual period. The ring is a tiny, flexible device placed inside the vagina and is taken out after three weeks. If used strictly as instructed, the ring and patch may have a 92% effectivity.

  1. Birth Control Shot

A depo shot is an injection of progestin in the arm preventing pregnancy for three months. This safe and private method of contraception blocks ovulation at the same time prevents sperm to move around due to cervical mucus increase. Aside from being confident for three months, this shot may also prevent pelvic inflammatory infection and lower the chance of getting uterine cancer.

  1. IUD

The intrauterine device is a tiny T-shaped device inserted into the uterus to prevent pregnancy. Copper and hormonal are the two types of IUDs. Copper IUDs are left in the uterus for twelve years while the hormonal one can be left for five years. IUD works by changing sperm route so union with the egg cell is impossible. With this method, pregnancy can be prevented for years. It can also be taken out if desired.

Before trying a birth control method, Dr. Sara Newmann emphasizes that considerations such as health conditions will definitely create an impact on one’s method choice.

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