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Beard Dandruff and Dry Skin under beard

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Where a clean shave remained the boyish classic for several years, the trend has started to move towards more manly and aggressive bearded elegance. Men today prefer a beard, both to form a statement and class.

However, contrary to the general belief that beards grow naturally without much effort and are a sign of “less care towards grooming”, actually beards require much more effort and maintenance than a clean shaven look — at least for decent looking beard grower. However, after all that talk about “how nice a beard looks on your face”, there is one thing that is feared my most beard growers: dry skin under beard.

As much as men desire to grow a beard, what they don’t realize is that similar to other parts of the body, beard too requires care and hygiene. Improper care of facial hair causes dry skin which further leads to beard dandruff. Beard Dandruff is often caused by impure natural oils that dry up to make flakes.

Dandruff Dry Skin

Causes of dry skin and beard dandruff

There are several reasons, other than hygiene of dry skin under beard.  First and most common of all is cold weather that causes dryness and flakiness. It is important to properly hydrate and moisturize the skin to reduce dryness.  Moreover, several grooming products are in reality only being harmful instead of being helpful. The chemicals in these waxes and shampoos clog the pores of the skin causing skin scaling, which result into flakes. Soaps too cause dryness and harden the skin, if not immediately moisturized.

It has also been recently discovered that stress causes skin dryness, leading of formation of flakes and crusts. Imbalanced diet and lack of sleep also dehydrates the skin and causes dryness. Using facial products that have parabens also causes the skin to dry and making it more sensitive.


Every man with a beard wishes to treat Dandruff in the simplest way possible; because unlike women men have less patience and time for grooming and maintenance, regardless of passion towards it.

First and most important thing is to clean the beard area at least twice a day without soap to keep it hydrated. Clean beard is important as it removes impurities and cleanses the skin of its natural oil discharge. Exfoliating weekly or more removes dead skin and prevents the pores from clogging.

After cleansing, application of oil can be helpful in hydrating the skin area. Most recommended of all oils is olive and safflower oil. Tea tree oil is also recommended as an anti-bacterial. To massage your beard twice a week would not only hydrate it well but also improve the blood circulation.

Furthermore, it is important to trim your beard. Trimming removes the dirty and dry hair that makes it even more difficult to get rid of dandruff. Lastly, a health rich in proteins, vitamin B complex and antioxidants is important to maintain the well-being and natural hydration of the body. Junk and food with higher acidic levels increases dryness in the body that eventually leads to dandruff and dry skin under the beard.

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