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Awareness, Prevention and Treatment of STDs & STIs

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Both men and women may suffer from various diseases and infections that are transferred by engaging in sexual contacts. In fact, this is the reason why STDs and STIs are already taught in schools. Young teens must be aware that they may be infected with certain bacteria or virus, especially when they get curious and try sexual intercourse. But, even the older ones or adults must be aware about this because they are more active in sexual activities than the younger ones.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STDs and Sexually Transmitted Infections or STIs are sometimes given different meanings. Actually STDs and STIs are referring to the same diseases. But, nowadays most people are using the term STIs because of the fact that many people may get infected with a particular bacteria or virus, but due to some treatments, it did not turn out to be a disease. Therefore, it is just an infection. Anyway, you should be conducting a test for sexually transmitted diseases at home to know, if you are infected.

When you are infected with STDs/STIs, especially after learning it from testing it at home, you need to seek for a doctor’s advice. If possible, you have to do this at the soonest time, so that it will not turn out to a more serious problem. You should also inform your partner about this infection or disease and encourage him to conduct the same test, too. The right treatment is needed to cure the infection. Your doctor will surely give you some medicines or vaccines, depending on the type of the STD or STI that was detected from your body.

Abstain from sexual activities

If you are infected with STDs or STIs, then it is very important for you to abstain from sexual intercourse. It means that you must not have any form of sexual contact with your partner. For some people, this is not easy, especially if they have a strong sexual desire for a person. But, you need to stop yourself to prevent the disease or infection from getting worse and of course, to prevent other people from getting the disease from you.

Imagine how other people would feel after having a sexual contact with you. Let’s say that you are aware that are infected with a particular disease, but you did not tell your partner about it. That is a form of cheating and dishonesty, right? What if your partner finds out from other people about your disease? You should not be selfish here. Do not let others also suffer just like you.

Number of Partners

Having a sexual intercourse with only one partner is ideal to prevent spreading the bacteria, especially if it was confirmed already that you are carrying it. In my opinion, knowing that you are already infected, but still continue to have sexual activities with more than one partner means that you are pushing yourself away from getting cured or treated. What if you are also mating with another person, who is also infected, then you, the other person and your partner is at risk. You should not spread the bacteria or the virus because that won’t help you.

If you know that your legal partner is loyal to you, but you have other partners to have sexual intercourse with, then it only means that your disease was not coming from your legal partner, but with the other partners. Now, if your legal partner will ask why and how you got infected, then you may not even have the face to give the answer, right? That is what you get from playing with other partners and not sticking to only one person.

You have a higher chance of getting infections, if you are having a sexual intercourse with more than one person, especially if you are not protected. I know that you are just a human being and you have sexual desires, too. But, it does not mean that you have to play with a different person on the bed. If you would really want to prevent STDs and STIs, then it would be best to focus to only one person and both of you must conduct tests. And then, be honest with the results https://www.summitmedicalgroup.com/library/adult_health/aha_gonorrhea_and_chlamydia_tests/.

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