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Ask the Crowd to Support Your Battle through Mers: Crowdfunding for Your Medical Bills

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One in three people affected with MERS corona virus has died since the disease was discovered in 2012. MERS CoV or Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome corona virus has predominantly been present in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Netherlands, but in the age of globalization, no disease can be constricted to a particular part of the world. There are cases of MERS being reported in India as well, and the treatment is, and any laxity in the procedure can lead to the death of the patient. If you or your loved one has been affected by this near-fatal virus and require funding immediately, online crowdfunding is the best way to go. Crowdfunding India says that emergency medical crowdfunding can help you combat your substantial medical bills and save you from drowning in a pit of hefty loans.

MERS CoV causes SARS or severe acute respiratory syndrome in the affected individuals along with fever, cough, expectoration, pneumonia, pericarditis, kidney failure or disseminated intravascular coagulation. All of these conditions are near-fatal and requires the patient to be hospitalized immediately. In most cases patients have to be put in ventilation or artificial respiration, to sustain their lives. The most unfortunate part is doctors, especially in India, seldom realize that MERS-CoV can create these conditions and therefore diagnosis happens too late. In these conditions, it is impossible for the patient to gather the massive funding required for the treatment, overnight. No medical insurance covers MERS-CoV yet and taking a huge loan is the only option the patient is left with, to survive. Crowdfunding India says these are the exact reasons why you should start a fundraising campaign for your treatment and ask donors to contribute to saving your life.

Online crowdfunding is simple, easy and time-saving. There are websites like Crowdfunding India where you can start your medical fundraiser and reach out to the millions with your appeal. All you have to do is provide your account of combatting MERS-CoV, and compel the crowd to empathize with your cause. You have to put the word around, ask your peer groups to send emails to people, share the campaign on social media platforms t make sure that it receives ample exposure.

Crowdfunding India says that crowdfunding is way better than taking an emergency loan with high-interest rates. Crowdfunding does not require you to invest any substantial amount of money; you won’t have any debt breathing on your shoulder, all you can do is be grateful to the donors who have saved your life and thanked them.

Treatment for MERS-CoV is expensive throughout. The diagnosis requires costly tests; costly antivirals like interferons are used to treat the patients. Crowdfunding India says that you can reach out to the donors with supporting documents to prove your legitimacy. In online crowdfunding platforms like Crowdfunding India, you would not require contacting the donors individually, just put up the links, etc. on your profile and your story will reach out to the millions immediately.

Moreover, in most cases, due to lack of early diagnosis, the patient requires immediate medical help. In such cases, you can start an emergency medical crowdfunding. Crowdfunding India has set records by gathering 15 lakhs in two weeks. Crowdfunding India says that online crowdfunding is the best way to go because it is inexpensive and the word reaches the millions at once. If your loved ones are suffering from MERS-CoV, you do not have the time to run to places to get funding, by online Crowdfunding you can gather funds online and the donor can make payments anywhere and at any time. To know more about how crowdfunding works, you can visit the page Crowdfunding India to get more information.

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