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5 HTP Powder And Its Recommended Dosages

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5 HTP is an efficient natural mood enhancer and promotes a healthier mental level. It helps brain to work properly and supplements with the necessary neurochemicals that keeps the brain out of stress and depression. 5 HTP is an ancient African remedy used since a long time. It was traditionally used by crushing the seeds of Griffonia plants. Let us read more about this mental health enhancer.

5 HTP and Serotonin, Dopamine and Tryptophan

5 HTP helps the breaking down of the neurotransmitters in the brain that leads to balanced levels of moods. Serotonin levels are balanced by the intake of this compound. Serotonin helps you regulate the feeling of calm and clarity in your brain. 5-HTP is metabolized into serotonin and melatonin which is required to have a good sleep.

HTP Powder

Dopamine levels are also maintained in your brain with the consumption of 5 HTP which will give you a mental clarity and keep you calm and steady.

Tryptophan is also supplied to your body when you take 5 HTP tablets. It is crossed by the blood brain barrier and then further transformed into serotonin which helps you lift your mood.

5 HTP Powder Benefits

  • 5 HTP helps you attain a healthier mental state. It enhances your mood and keeps you focused. You have good control over your brain as the overwhelming feeling can be took control and you can stay calm and steady.
  • 5 HTP is also proved to be effective in treating ADHD and ADD. By researches and surveys, 5 HTP powder has been effective for the patients.
  • 5 HTP is considered to be a better solution to depression and anxiety in comparison to anti-depressants. As the tablets don’t have any type of serious adverse effect on the body and keeps the chemical levels balanced in your brain.

5 HTP Powder Dosages

HTP Powder

The dosages of the powder come from 40 mg to 100 mg which can be taken one dose per day. This dose is very mild and will cause you no harm. If you increase your dose, the effects will be strong and also your body can show some negative signs.

 You need to consult your doctor prior you start using this supplement. It causes no harmful side effect but taking it with another anti-depressant may cause some kind of damaging reactions in your body.

Get your 5 HTP powder dosages prescribed today and have a better mental health.

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