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Overcoming Anxiety with Dr. Curtis Cripe

It is normal to get nervous. It is also normal to get anxious sometimes. However, when this sometimes becomes frequent enough to create problems in daily life, one should become concerned. There are times when anxiety becomes so strong that it starts controlling life. The tragic part is, people don’t ...

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Discovering The World Of Internal Medicine!

Internal Medicine is that branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and the treatment of adult diseases and illness. It has its roots in Germany in the late 1800’s and it combines the practice of combining the science of medical laboratory along with the care of patients. Professionals ...

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Causes of cataract and its cure

Cataract that leads to blurred vision in the eyes is a condition that is usually experienced by most people as they cross 55 years of age. Although ageing is the main reason for cataract, blurred vision may also be experienced by some younger people.  They seem to have genetically inherited ...

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Understanding Protein Powders

To achieve a figure you’ve always dreamt of, it is clear that you will have to put in some work time. The idea that all it takes to lose weight is to cut down your food intake is popular as ever, but untrue as ever. It takes more than a ...

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Lose Your Fast Food Cravings

Some things make us happier than they should, and junk food takes the cake in its widespread popularity. Junk food. Fast food. “You are eating trash again”. Everybody who finds some solace in a KFC bucket has been told on and on again about how bad their eating habits are. ...

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Exercise is a Must if We Want to Be Healthy

More and more people are becoming fitness-oriented these days, in part because as a society we are placing more and more emphasis on getting healthy. Eating the right foods, eliminating caffeine and alcohol from our diets, exercising, and reducing the stress in our lives are all parts of the equation, ...

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