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Understanding Protein Powders

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To achieve a figure you’ve always dreamt of, it is clear that you will have to put in some work time. The idea that all it takes to lose weight is to cut down your food intake is popular as ever, but untrue as ever. It takes more than a diet to regain control of your body. This especially goes for trendy diets, which are merely money-making schemes for some publishers, and not something that you could make a lifestyle rather than a fad. If you wish to lose weight, you will have to change what you eat and when, and do that for life. So clearly the Atkinson Diet is a bit too much.

So what you need is to eat better, but you also need to exercise more. Morning workouts are the most effective. Gyms are easy to get into, but they can be a bit dull for somebody who doesn’t exactly know what they are doing there. It is a wise move to get a personal trainer as well – or merely ask the experts in your gym for some help along the way. Reputable fitness websites have excellent communities who will help you come up with the right exercise routine for you. Remember, it’s not just lifting weights or running on a treadmill. Sets, reps, and routines carry a lot of importance, and they make the cut between a good workout and a wasted day.

Another thing to keep in mind is that protein powders look scary to a beginner, but they are in fact very good ways to teach your body to make the most of the workout. They activate the right muscles at the right time, and you could shorten the time it takes to reach your desired body shape drastically. Keep in mind though, there is a huge difference between protein powders and steroids. Not everything you buy in a gym is meant to help your body, sometimes it’s appearance over function, and that can be a dangerous thing. So here’s a little what’s what on some of the most popular protein powders:

Whey Protein to begin with

Whey protein is possibly the best known protein in the fitness community. Whey is naturally in milk and fish, but the powder version is modified for faster action. Whey is best taken when you wake up, or before your workout. It is basically a natural energy booster. It isn’t meant to make you bulkier faster, but you will feel fresher and more capable during your workout, which will bring about results on its own.2

Casein protein for a cleaner diet

Casein proteins are designed for slower digestion than whey. It is best taken before bed, or after a really exhausting workout. As it is digested, it slowly spreads out in your body with everything necessary for it to heal, and make you ship-shape in time for your next workout.  Of course, with all fitness supplements, you need to find out what your body really wants, so tread lightly.

Vegan proteins

Just because most fitness proteins are found in milk and meat doesn’t mean all of them are, and if you are vegan, nothing can stop you from enjoying the same type of fitness benefits as anybody else. Vegan proteins exist in nature, and they are all the more efficient in protein powders shakes. A good example of a vegan protein powder are rice pea protein powders. It is hard to make the most out of rice pea proteins when you just eat them, they are usually not statistically significant enough to show up in your fitness routine with results, so vegans are especially welcome to try out some protein shakes.

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