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Some Food for Thought

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I was at work the other day and my V.P. was walking by and he asked me “what’s with the fruit diet?” I let him know I have decided to make a change in my eating habits and that I’m dedicated to my healthy food website and followers. I let him know I have to practice what I preach in order to give accurate and relevant advice. What I have come to learn is how outrageously fattening foods are and how out of touch Americans are with the caloric content of the foods they consume.

A friend that works in the same department is on a very strict diet and she’s really working hard. She utilizes a calorie counting diary and a physical exercise journal. She has seen amazing results; in what feels like a couple weeks I have watched her transform right before my eyes. We were chatting about the caloric content of the foods they serve at our place of work. I was shocked, to say the least! In the process she referred me to a website called calorieking.com and said she uses the tools on that site on a daily basis. So I checked it out and I fell in love. I would love to provide a tool like this for my Healthy Food Secret members in the near future. In the meantime check out the site and you will freak when you find out how many calories a day you take in that are unnecessary.

A couple of startling numbers


Wine: 129 calories per glass! Yikes! Considering you only consume 5 fl ounces..I’ve been known to knock back a couple more than just one glass (To burn off the calories you would have to power walk for 35 minutes!).

Fresh squeezed Orange Juice: Calories 128 per cup (To burn off the calories you would have to power walk for 11 minutes)! That’s only if it’s fresh squeezed O.J. If it’s from concentrate or sweetened at all…the number skyrockets to a scary 452 Calories.

McDonald’s South West Chicken Salad: a Staggering 320 Calories WITHOUT DRESSING(To burn off the calories you would have to power walk for 88 minutes)! I tried adding the calories after the dressing and the number was too high to count, just kidding!

So after reviewing the following items above, the caloric content, and the amount of exercise you would have to do per day to burn it off, is it really worth it? If you’re tracking your calories and your physical exercise then you can pick and choose how to spoil yourself with your left over calories. I would rather eat a salad for dinner than swap it out for a cup of orange juice and a glass of wine. For those of you who may be getting on in years, you probably have noticed that your body simply doesn’t burn calories like it used to. Certain eating habits that didn’t add a single pound when you were in your twenties, now seem to be packing on the weight. For anyone who is interested in improving his/her overall health, then check out Dr Life. Dude is over 60, has a medical background and has been helping people lead a healthier life as they age.

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