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Raspberry Ketones – A Well Researched Article on All That You Want To Know

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Dr. Oz had popularized several natural supplements in his show. One of them is raspberry ketone. He called it ‘the #1 miracle to burn fat’. Is it a researched supplement or not? Is it really effective?

Raspberry ketones – An overview

It is one of the compounds found in raspberry. It is a combo of many healthy substances like beta carotene, vitamin C and anthocynins etc.  It has all the properties of antioxidants. The structure of raspberry ketone is very similar to the structure of capsaicin, a weight loss ingredient, found in capsicum. The similarity prompted the scientists to conduct research on raspberry ketones and find if it helps in weight loss.

Researches on raspberry ketones for weight loss

Research #1 – A study was conducted in the year 2005 on a group of mice. The mice were divided into several groups and each group was fed with food with 40% fat. Each group was given different quantities of raspberry ketones ranging from 0.5% to 2%. At the end of the study, it was found that the group of mice that were given the maximum amount of raspberry ketone lost more fat when compared to other groups.

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Research #2 – Another study was conducted in the year 2010. This study concluded that raspberry ketone has the property of preventing weight gain and promoting fat burn.

Other researches

A research into raspberry ketones has proven its other benefits too. What is it? Raspberry ketone postpones the symptoms of aging by avoiding wrinkles on the skin. That is why it is used as an ingredient in cosmetics.

Studies prove that it lowers blood sugar levels.

Is raspberry ketone safe?

The FDA has classified it under ‘GRAS’ category. This category includes foods ‘Generally Recognized as Safe’. However, the FDA has approved the safety of just 2 mgs of raspberry ketones a day. The supplements have 50 mg of raspberry ketones per serving. If overdosed, there are risks of a few side effects.

Side effects of raspberry ketones

  • Shakiness
  • Increase in blood pressure
  • Increase in heart rate

These are the possible risks. However, there are not enough studies to prove the risk factors and side effects of raspberry ketones.

Raspberry ketones do help in weight loss by burning fat and lowering appetite. Nevertheless, you cannot hope to lose weight without dieting and exercising. Combine diet and exercise with raspberry ketones to get the best results.

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