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Overcoming Anxiety with Dr. Curtis Cripe

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It is normal to get nervous. It is also normal to get anxious sometimes. However, when this sometimes becomes frequent enough to create problems in daily life, one should become concerned. There are times when anxiety becomes so strong that it starts controlling life. The tragic part is, people don’t get to understand that anxiety has stepped over the borderline of normality and now is the time to get help. Dr. Curtis Cripe has worked with countless people to know how serious anxiety can become if left untreated. He takes the initiative to make people aware of the warning signs. Yes, you need to know when to be cautious. You also need to know when to seek help.

The problem with anxiety is, it does not have only one face. It comes in different types including social anxiety, panic attack and phobia. To determine what type of anxiety you have, it is important to talk to an expert. People who have experience in treating others with anxiety can help finding the right solution. Because it is difficult to determine anxiety, Dr. Curtis Cripe has assorted some important symptoms which will help you understand whether what you are feeling is normal or you should seek medical help.2

Persistent worry is considered the hallmark of anxiety. People with anxiety worry too much. But what do they worry about? To be frank in this case they worry about everything, small, big or medium, it does not matter. They just worry. However, the too much is a tricky concept. Too much means how much? Answering this is difficult. Dr. Curtis Cripe makes it a point to accentuate emotional suffering. People with anxiety disorder don’t only worry, they suffer a lot too. Mental dysfunction is another sign that the anxiety is getting out of control.

People with anxiety disorder fail to relax. Anxiety makes them jittery. This leads to restlessness. As a result those with anxiety disorder fail to sit still or eat or have peace of mind. The problem arises when they cause others around them to worry as well. It is not easy to live with someone who is suffering from anxiety disorder. For this reason, it is important to talk to a counsellor. Since this is not a physical disease it would not go away with medicine. Therapy is required for people like this. Neuro-engineer Dr. Cripe has spent a long time treating those who have anxiety disorder to know that the disease sometimes lead to extreme emotional break-down.

Irrational fear is a common sign of this disorder. This type of disorder comes with certain events of life. Some have fear of flying. Some suffer from fear of height. This type of fear is a sign of phobia. This might not be apparent all the time. However, it can cripple those who are suffering from it.

Anxiety sometimes become physical. People suffer from muscle tension due to anxiety disorder. Chronic indigestion is another sign of anxiety disorder as well. Though it begins in mind with time it shows in the body.



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