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How to Identify Genuine Oxandrolone from Legitimate Drug Manufacturer

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Anavar is well known among bodybuilders and athletes as oxandrolone. It has been in use in the United States as prescribed drug since 1960’s. This laboratory created supplement has been derivative of dihydrotestosterone. So, before you try them out, it is important to assess Anavar reviews to get an Understanding on what actually is Anavar and how it affects the body. Equally important is to find out if bodybuilders and athletes can use it without a medical prescription.

Customer Reviews are not always the same. Some reviews are more of marketing ploys. So, it is the customer, who need to identify the difference between a genuine and marketing reviews. Reviewing Sellers Online is also one way out to find out if the product is genuine or not. A genuine seller will do thorough verification on the manufacturer before selling it to its customer.

The ultimate goal of any drug manufacturer is to sell drug and make money. However, it is only the legitimate drug manufacturers who will publish government mandated info on pharmaceutical drugs. They are the one who provide guidance on the usage indications, dosage, possible outcome on the body, etc.

You can also initiate the process of assessing Anavar reviews by searching for the drug manufacturer info on government websites like website on Food and Drug Administration or by researching on it in medical journals. Scientific research on the drug, its efficacy, adverse reaction and potential side effects are few things that you should be doing as well.

Reading Anavar Reviews

Reading reviews on Anavar available in bodybuilding websites, comments made by users on any forum board gives an insight on how this health supplements work. You should also follow the dire warnings posted by the manufacturer and the user.

Anavar being a prescribed drug fall in the category of Schedule III controlled substance by medical organization working in domestic and international countries and are not used for non-medical use. So, Individuals who are buying Anavar from underground labs must be carefully on the genuineness against potential effects.

Do not keep your research limited to just body-building websites or steroid manufacturers. Check whichever website gives you possible information on the dangers of anabolic androgenic steroid.

Dosage Information

Oxandrolone is taken orally two to four times daily or as recommended by your physician. Few Drug websites have considered Anavar only for short-term use and is not designed for prolonged period.

Thus, Anavar is designed as weight-promoting drug and also for treating individual’s chronic infections, a tough surgical process or a trauma. It is also in use for treating long-term corticosteroid medication like prednisone or hydrocortisone.

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