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Discovering The World Of Internal Medicine!

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Internal Medicine is that branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and the treatment of adult diseases and illness. It has its roots in Germany in the late 1800’s and it combines the practice of combining the science of medical laboratory along with the care of patients. Professionals that practice internal medicine are called internists. Very often they are confused with interns- these are doctors that are in residency training after the completion of medical school. Other doctors regularly consult internists in order to treat complex issues and problems.

In the USA, a highly reputed and respected internist is known for his dedicated services and wisdom in the field of internal medicine. His name is Vijaya-Prakash Boggala and he is one of the most widely sought after experts in internal medicine in the nation. He is known for his eye for detail and unlike others, he never rushes through the reports and the treatment plans of his patients. He says that it is very important for professionals like him to immediately treat complex diseases as this helps the society as a whole too. The job of an internist is not merely consultation, he or she has the primary duty to cure the patient as whole without the needs of surgery. He says that in the USA today, there is an acute shortage in the posts of internists and he advises young adults to join the profession. He says that the pay is good and career prospects are bright as well. It is important for you to realize the importance of being an internist and how it can contribute to the well-being of society as whole.2

Several adults think that internists are just primary care doctors. They lack the awareness that internists treat you in office and clinic just like any other doctor. These professionals need to spend at least three years of their seven years at post graduate school to learn how to diagnose and treat illness and disease in adult patients. They are trained to diagnose and treat all kinds of diseases in their patients. They treat all the pathologies of the internal organs and systems in their patients. These doctors of internal medicine deal with the patient as a whole and not on the disease entirely. Internists are trained in every way to solve diagnostic issues that are either complex or rare.

Vijaya-Prakash Boggala says that internists have a wide range of subspecialties. They have the knowledge and the expertise to treat any system or organ in the body. They cover ailments of the heart, disease, liver, respiratory issues, digestive and kidney issues. Internists also have the ability to treat patients that suffer from infectious  diseases  caused by bacteria, viruses and parasites. There may be a single doctor that focuses on any one of the subspecialties while there are some doctors who may treat all of them. He says that the field of internal medicine is very challenging and it is important for you to be dedicated to this profession for helping not only people but the society as a whole to be disease free!

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