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Causes of cataract and its cure

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Cataract that leads to blurred vision in the eyes is a condition that is usually experienced by most people as they cross 55 years of age. Although ageing is the main reason for cataract, blurred vision may also be experienced by some younger people.  They seem to have genetically inherited the condition.  There are some risk factors that can aggravate cataract. Regular use of cortisosteroids, alcohol and tobacco aggravate the conditions. Diseases like glaucoma, hypothyroidism and diabetes increase the risk of cataract while exposure to radiation can be very harmful, too. Trauma to the eyes from surgery, burns and injury are also risk factors. But whatever may be the reason for cataract, it can be completely cured by cataract surgery that restores normal vision.

What is cataract?

Cataract is a condition that affects the lens of the eyes that help to focus on objects for clear viewing.  The lens becomes hazy and affects vision that turns blurred and misty, just like we experience in front of waterfalls. People are inconvenienced as it feels like looking through dirty window panes. The condition develops gradually and going for regular eye checkups can help to tackle the problem in the early stages by using spectacles.  In the initial stages, the lens of the eyes that experiences cataract growth not only gets cloudy but swells up and becomes bigger. This facilitates near vision and with proper power of the spectacle lens the vision gets improved.  But there would come a stage later when cataract surgery would become inevitable for people who have crossed the age of 60.2

Cataract symptoms

  • The most common symptom of cataract is blurred vision in one or both eyes.
  • If you start seeing halos around lights or feel the light is too bright then it is a sign that you have cataract.  
  • The feeling that light is insufficient during reading, driving or to see objects at night points towards development of cataract.
  • Cataract leads to inability to distinguish color shades and colors appearing a bit faded.

The surgery

Replacing the lens of the eyes is the way cataract surgery is performed. The procedure is performed with the latest equipments that involve minimum incision to the eyes with almost zero bleeding that makes it a pain free and takes minimum time to perform.  The instrument that is used is smaller than one-eighth inch and it makes a small incision in the eye through which the cloudy lens is removed. After the cataract is broken into tiny pieces and then cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. After removal of the damaged lens, a new lens is implanted in the eye to complete the surgical procedure.

Intraocular lens

The implanted lens is made of plastic and is called intraocular lens that are available in various configurations that can be matched with the vision requirements and specific eye characteristics. Single focus lens and multifocal lens are available.

Normal vision is restored in a day or two after surgery which is performed in a day care facility and some people may take a few weeks for it.

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