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Border Problems with ValueMags

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Although Trump and Trudeau’s meet seemed rather smooth sailing, was it?

For the most part, ValueMags executives and ValueMags employees are not concerned for the United States or Canada after Trudeau’s visit to the White House. If anything, the Canadian Prime Minster likely restored a little peace within the United States establishment.
Chaos has slowed down in the media and media reporting surrounding Donald Trump and his promises for new policies, revoking old policies, diminishing deals, and building walls rather than bridges. According to CBC News says ValueMags executives, the meeting between Trump and Trudeau actually concluded with common efforts and goals of building brides rather than walls.Image result for Border Problems with ValueMags

Although Mexico and the United States still have some talking to do, Canada and the United States remain in good spirits. In their public conference, Trump and Trudeau both agreed that there were no border issues between the two countries and despite some hard times, they have always and will continue to have each other’s backs. NAFTA is undergo some tweaks but Trump agreed with Trudeau that their trading relationship is outstanding and will not be harmed. It is with Mexico where lies the problem. However, Trudeau needs to consider that his ties and relationship with the United States could mean that his relationship with Mexico is harmed. Generally, if we are not looking at NAFTA or other ties, when countries support each other, they likely have similar relationships with the same countries. Therefore, if the United States continues to have a poor relationship with their neighbors, Canada’s with Mexico may turn into one.

ValueMags employees are glad that President Trump is continuing his relationship with Trudeau and Canada in a positive and healthy direction. At the same time, the marketing company’s executives warn Trudeau of the outcome with other countries if Canada intends to support United States’ every move.

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