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5 Causes of Hair Loss and an Effective Solution

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Hair loss can affect a person at any stage of their life, and both sexes are vulnerable to this condition. Millions of middle aged men and women suffer from hair loss, which can be caused by a number of things, and there are also many treatments on the market, with some giving better results than others. Hair extensions are a popular way to treat hair loss, and with modern methods, the attachment process is adhesive free and does not require heat. If you are noticing excessive clumps of hair when brushing, the cause could be any of the following.

Causes of Hair Loss

  1. Pattern Hair Loss – By far the most common cause of hair loss in the UK, it can affect both sexes, and is genetically passed on from generation to generation. In men, it typically manifests itself on both sides of the forehead, and female hair loss that has genetic roots usually results in hair loss on the top of the scalp. Alopecia is the medical term for this condition, and is it a lot more common than you would think, affecting millions of people across the world. The best treatment for alopecia is hair extensions, which can be woven into the affected area, and with expert application, the end result is perfect.
  1. Cancer Treatment – Chemotherapy is just one form of treatment for cancer, and a side effect is hair loss, which will be total if the treatment is continued. Modern solutions to temporary hair loss include a device called the Enhancer, which is a network of fine mesh that is fixed onto the scalp with special surgical tape, after which, small sections of hair extensions are woven into the mesh. This is an effective solution because the natural hair regrowth is not compromised by the device, which is firmly attached and the person can enjoy a normal, healthy lifestyle until such time as their hair has returned to normal.
  1. Stress – Acute stress and anxiety can result in loss of hair, and it is common in the case of a sudden traumatic event, such as the death of a family member. This can be quite severe and the anxiety levels are increased as more hair falls out. Carefully placed hair extensions will cover any thinned out areas, and with expert application, your hair loss will not be noticeable.
  1. Medication – Certain drugs used to treat blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease can cause hair loss, which is usually short term but can be a permanent condition. The hormonal balance is critical for healthy hair, and any medication that causes an imbalance has the potential to bring on hair loss. Once the patient has ceased taking the medication, their hair should start to regrow normally, and in the event it does not, hair extensions can effectively cover any bald patches.
  1. Thyroid Irregularity – An under or overactive thyroid gland can result in hair loss, and pregnant women often experience excessive hair loss for a short period, usually just after the birth.

Modern non-surgical treatments that involve hair extensions are a popular way to deal with this issue, especially for women, and when the hair regrows, the extensions can be removed, having served their purpose.

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